Pick the best glasses for
your face shape

Do you have many concerns when you purchase glasses online such as: will my prescription be accurate? Will my lenses be thin? And how will I look in my new glasses? While the first three we can solve with an experienced optical staff, only you will know whether your new glasses project the look you need.

The best way to see how the glasses look on your face is to use our virtual mirror which places the frame on your face and gives you an indication of how the glasses fit and look. This process is fairly easy to do, but there are many shapes and styles to filter through, so first you must know which frame shapes to try.

Generally, when matching the right shape, it should NOT match with your facial features shape. That’s right, the shape of the frame needs to be mismatched with your face in order to compliment your features. For example, round or circle shaped glasses will compliment a rectangular or square shape while a rectangle shaped frame will compliment a rounder face shape.

What is my face shape?

If you are not certain about which face shape you have, simply trace it using a mirror and a dry erase marker and the traced shape is your face shape.

At Overnight Glasses we aspire to provide you with the best vision correction available and provide you with eyewear that will compliment your natural features while still maintaining maximum comfort.

Need Help?

Please do not hesitate to contact us for shape recommendations or for any help needed and one of our experienced opticians will gladly assist you in picking the right shape. Call us at 855-830-3339 (Mon-Friday, 9:30am-6:00pm PST) OR email us at [email protected].


Check size on your frame

Most frames have size displayed on the inside of the frame arm

Or use a ruler

Use a ruler to measure your existing frame as shown below. Frame sizes are measured in millimeters, so you need to use a ruler that is marked in centimeters and millimeters. If you don't have millimeter ruler, you can click here to print it, or take measurements in inches. Note that measurements in inches need to be taken with the precision of 1/16 (one half of 1/8 if your ruler does not have more precise markings)

I got it! Here is My Size


Measure your PD

In some cases your vision correction doctor may forget to give you your PD (pupillary distance). The best option will be to ask your doctor to measure it. It is part of your prescription and an eye doctor needs to provide it.

If this is not possible, you may use the methods listed below.

The easiest way:
1) Wear any glasses with clear lenses.
2) Use a mirror or ask a friend or family member to mark your pupil location on the clear lenses using a dry erase marker. They must stand in front of you and be at the same height as yours. If you use a mirror make sure you stand 3ft from the mirror and your general stare is directed to the center of the glasses.
3) Using a ruler with a millimeter range, measure the distance between the two dots and that’s your PD

If you don’t have in your possession glasses with clear lenses, you may measure your PD using this method:
1) Obtain a ruler with millimeter values
2) Place the ruler horizontally on your nose bridge, zero slightly below your right eye;
3) Ask a friend or use your mirror to see the distance on the roller. The distance measured is your PD.

Although we don’t recommend this option, if you are unable to use the methods above, you may use the general PD for: Women 62 and Men 64.